Nora Reveals How Once A Director Called Her Home Just To Scream At Her

Nora Fatehi doesn’t need any introduction as she is quite a popular actress and dancer who has made a special place in fans’ hearts with her splendid performances in superhit numbers including “Kamariya”, “Dilbar” and so on.

Nevertheless, the Canadian beauty has also had her share of ups and downs in Bollywood and things had not been pretty smooth for her initially. Her journey in the showbiz world is not known to many but she too faced fraud and bullying prior to getting into the position she is in today.

When she came to India for the first time, she did not know anyone and she had to struggle a lot for making her name in B-Town.

Recently in an interview, Nora disclosed the nasty experience that she had with a casting director whom she met in the first few months of arriving in the country. The way the director behaved was so upsetting that she felt like going back to her place and leave India at once.

The director told Nora that the industry is filled with people like her, adding that they are tired and sick of such persons. The director further screamed at her, called her talentless and said that the industry did not want her. She left the director’s place and cried a lot.

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